California-based Foster Farms is looking to locate millions of broiler chickens to the Scio-Stayton-Jefferson-and Aumsville Area

If they are successful our community will never be the same. 

Wed. October 20th


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Public Hearing on Scio-Jefferson Chicken Operation Scheduled


Virtual Public Hearing Scheduled for October 20th @2pm


More information can be found here:


Public Notice


J-S Ranch Animal Waste Management Plan


Landuse Compatibility Statement

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Important Information


Scio-Jefferson Site

Linn County has approved a Foster Farms contract grower to build  12 (60ft x 600ft) poultry warehouses at the property located at 37225 Jefferson-Scio Drive, Scio, OR 97374. The proposed operation is called J-S Ranch. It is owned by Mr. Eric Simon of Brownsville, who is planning to build the operation approximately 483 yards (1450 ft) from the Santiam River. J-S Ranch is planning to produce 3.4 million birds annually (580,000 birds per flock, with six flocks being grown out per year) for Foster Farms. According to the permit these birds will produce 4500 tons of manure per year which will be composted with dead birds on site and sold from the operation as commercial fertilizer. Read the 3/21/2021 article Proposed large chicken farm ruffles feathers of neighbors in Scio in the Statesman Journal.

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Impact of Ammonia Gas (NH3) on Surrounding Areas and the River

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J-S Ranch has applied for an Oregon CAFO permit through the Oregon Department of Agriculture but it has not been noticed to the public. The public will have an opportunity to voice their concerns during the public comment process. While J-S Ranch has their building permits to build the warehouses from Linn County, they are not allowed to populate the buildings with poultry until they have their CAFO permit. Check back here for frequent updates. 

Aumsville Site -UPDATE (sale has gone through!)

Hiday Poultry Farms LLC is located in Brownsville and owned by Mr. Randy Hiday. Mr. Hiday has purchased the property at 10963 Porter Rd SE Aumsville, OR 97325. Hiday Poultry Farms LLC's Brownsville location grows approximately 550,000 broiler chickens per flock for Foster Farms. Although, Hiday Poultry  Farms LLC has not applied for a permit from the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture's Confined Animal Feeding Operation program for the Marion County location in Aumsville, they have requested permission to dig wells. While permits for the Aumsville site have yet to be filed with the County or the State, there is reason to believe that this location will hold approximately 8 to 12 (60ft x 600ft) poultry warehouses which will be located approximately 1.5 miles from Stayton and 3 miles form Aumsville. This proposal raises particular concern because the property for the proposed chicken warehouses is one of the original homesteads of the prominent Porter family, who brought other settlers to the area and through donated lands helped to found the cities of Aumsville and Stayton. 

Impact of Ammonia Gas (NH3) on the community of  Stayton and Aumsville

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Are you in the "smell zone?"

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Will there be more?

A former employee of Foster Farms was boasting about bringing chicken factories to our community.  We have reason to believe that we are only seeing the first of potentially many industrial chicken operations locating in our area. In November of 2019, Foster Farms gained approval to process poultry for export to China and there is reason to believe that they are expanding in our area to take advantage of the increasing demand of a global market.  The Scio - Stayton - Aumsville - Jefferson area is situated close to I-5 and with quick access to ports that ship directly to Asia.  If our area becomes the next frontier of Oregon industrial poultry expansion, our lives will never be the same.  If you hear of Foster Farms scouting land in your neighborhood, please let us know. 

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September 20, 2021 @ 3pm Scio-Jefferson Chicken Operation Public Hearing 

More information can be found here

Virtual Town Hall with Senator Ron Wyden

Sign up here and raise your concerns with Foster Farms trying to locate in our community with the Senator.

April 1st, 1-3pm  Hearing at the State Legislature on SB 583 the Mega Farm Moratorium Bill 

More details coming soon, but if you would like to testify please sign up here.