Big Chicken is looking to locate millions of broiler chickens to the Scio-Stayton-Jefferson-and Aumsville Area

If they are successful our community will never be the same. 


Important Information


Write your elected officials and ask them to ask Governor Brown to impose a 
moratorium on the permitting of new industrial chicken operations
until we have laws that protect people!

Scroll down for contact information and talking points!

Our statement on the Department of Agriculture issuing a conditional CAFO permit to J-S:
"We’ve always assumed that ODA would issue a CAFO permit to JS Ranch. ODA has never met a CAFO or a CAFO site they didn’t like. It’s unfortunate that ODA didn’t take public health, fire risk or air emissions into consideration when issuing this permit but it’s not surprising. The reality is JS Ranch still does not have all of the appropriate permits in order to begin construction. Our community of farmers and ranchers will continue to fight this at every turn in order to protect our land and water from the negative impacts of industrial chicken factories." 

Thomas Drive Site 

Linn County has approved building permits for the Evergreen Ranch to build 16  (60ft x 600ft) poultry warehouses that will produce approximately 4.5 million broiler chickens each year. The operation is located at 43157 Thomas Drive, Scio, OR 97374. The site neighbors the popular Broken Dam swimming hole on beautiful Thomas Creek. If approved, the operation will be located just roughly a half mile from the Lourdes elementary school and Lourdes Catholic Church.   


This site is of particular concern because an East Coast private equity firm (read more here)  that has expanded mega poultry operations into rural communities across the country- changing them forever - is the owner of this operation.  Our best guess is that there are plans to expand many more poultry factories of this magnitude in our community. 














Scio-Jefferson Site

Linn County has approved a Foster Farms contract grower to build  12 (60ft x 600ft) poultry warehouses at the property located at 37225 Jefferson-Scio Drive, Scio, OR 97374. The proposed operation is called J-S Ranch. It is owned by Mr. Eric Simon of Brownsville, who is planning to build the operation approximately 483 yards (1450 ft) from the Santiam River. J-S Ranch is planning to produce 3.4 million birds annually (580,000 birds per flock, with six flocks being grown out per year) for Foster Farms. According to the permit these birds will produce 4500 tons of manure per year which will be composted with dead birds on site and sold from the operation as commercial fertilizer. Read the 3/21/2021 article Proposed large chicken farm ruffles feathers of neighbors in Scio in the Statesman Journal.  Update: The Oregon Department of Agriculture issued a CAFO permit to J-S Ranch on 5/26/2022. This permit is conditional in that J-S ranch must have all other permits before construction may begin. 

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Impact of Ammonia Gas (NH3) on Surrounding Areas and the River

Aumsville Site -UPDATE (sale has gone through!)

Hiday Poultry Farms LLC is located in Brownsville and owned by Mr. Randy Hiday. Mr. Hiday has purchased the property at 10963 Porter Rd SE Aumsville, OR 97325. Hiday Poultry Farms LLC's Brownsville location grows approximately 550,000 broiler chickens per flock for Foster Farms. Although, Hiday Poultry  Farms LLC has not applied for a permit from the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture's Confined Animal Feeding Operation program the operation has been approved to build by the county. The county permit is approved for 16 (60ft x 600ft) broiler chicken warehouses. While permits for the Aumsville site have yet to be filed with the State this operation will be located approximately 1.5 miles from Stayton and 3 miles form Aumsville. This proposal raises particular concern because the property for the proposed chicken warehouses is one of the original homesteads of the prominent Porter family, who brought other settlers to the area and through donated lands helped to found the cities of Aumsville and Stayton. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 6.20.40 PM.png

Impact of Ammonia Gas (NH3) on the community of  Stayton and Aumsville

Are you in the "smell zone?"

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What you can do today!

Write your elected officials and ask them to ask Governor Brown to use her executive authority to pause the permitting process of industrial chicken operations. 


Elected officials


Governor Kate Brown


State Representative Jami Cate 503-986-1417


State Senator Fred Girod 503-986-1709


Linn County Board of Commissioners 541-967-3825 To email them all at once:


If you live outside of Scio, you can find your legislator here:


If you are in Marion County, you can find your county commissioners and contact them here:



Dear  XXXX




You have probably heard of the industrial chicken operations that are moving into our community. They are buying land, and getting their permits before neighbors even are aware.  


At first, we assumed that there was only one, which while bad, would only impact one localized area. Now we know there are three proposed sites, collectively producing 13 million chickens per year in 44 poultry warehouses within a 12 mile radius. And, we are sure there are more to come. This expansion must be looked at holistically as their cumulative impact on our community is going to be detrimental.  


I am sure you are going to say that you can't do anything. But, I implore you to be our advocate with the Governor and ask her to direct her agencies to pause the permitting process through Executive Action until our laws are able to catch up with the impacts that these operations cause to our community.   


I am concerned about both water quality and water quantity in my community. I am concerned that these operations aren't regulated for air emissions - at all. I am concerned about my property being devalued because no one is going to move to a community inundated by industrial scale chicken operations. And, I am concerned that our local volunteer emergency services are not equipped to handle a catastrophic fire at any of these facilities which could be devastating. 



Our community is very upset and concerned and we could really use your voice being our advocate at the state level.


Thank you, 




Will there be more?

A former employee of Foster Farms was boasting about bringing chicken factories to our community.  We have reason to believe that we are only seeing the first of potentially many industrial chicken operations locating in our area. In November of 2019, Foster Farms gained approval to process poultry for export to China and there is reason to believe that they are expanding in our area to take advantage of the increasing demand of a global market.  The Scio - Stayton - Aumsville - Jefferson area is situated close to I-5 and with quick access to ports that ship directly to Asia.  If our area becomes the next frontier of Oregon industrial poultry expansion, our lives will never be the same.  If you hear of Foster Farms scouting land in your neighborhood, please let us know. 


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